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In the world that changes violently in the competition for technical developments.
It is a battlefield for technical developments, especially in the electronic, electrical machinery and automobile parts industries. It is a supreme proposition for us small business companies to construct a worldwide supplying system.

  1. To supply high precision insert molding parts.
  2. To develop, manufacture and sell to outside companies our automatic insert molding system, inspection and packing system
  3. To design, develop, and manufacture various kinds of electronic components

MEIOH PLASTICS MOLDING GROUP will be changing steadily for the future. A demand from a customer will be taken in advance, establish an oversea production base, expand the domestic production base and furthermore, the company has the rights for their own technology by patent acquisition and will always deal the customers demands.
“Take measures for alteration and make your future with your own strength”
On the basis of this concept we will learn constantly, one upon another. In addition, I may ask you to give us much more support and encouragement.

Chief Executive Officer
Keisuke Sakai