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TOHOKU FIRST FACTORY is a main production plant of MEIOH PLASTICS MOLDING CO., LTD. In order to produce the products that are completed by a system much more efficiently, attempts will be taken to make the system to a higher level in the 24 hours operating high production plant.
We think that it is the duty for the factory to always consider the customer's demands and to respond sharply to support the various kinds of products.

Land Area 3300 m2  
Building 2 floors A total of 1260 m2  
Machine Lineup Injection molding machine / 10t - 75t 15 sets
Original hoop insert molding machine / 10t - 60t 20 sets
Automatic machine (inspection and packing) many
Inspecting equipment Measuring microscope 1 set
Profile Projector 1 set
Various types of machine vision inspection machines many
Other types measuring equipments many