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TOHOKU SECOND FACTORY is not only a production plant but also self-develops and markets original injection molding machine and various types of original automatic machines.
From the designing and manufacturing of the dies and molds to the mass production lines, we will take actions to deal the short time delivery by mass controlling an original method. A new suggestion for a factory, the way domestic production should be.
We are always aiming to be a ideal factory which has serious feeling for researching.

Land Area 5780 m2  
Building 3 floors a total of 2491 m2  
Machine Lineup Original hoop insert molding machine / 10t - 60t 15 sets
Automatic machine (inspection and packing) many
Inspecting equipment Measuring microscope 3 sets
Various types of machine vision inspection machines many
CAD for molds and for automatic machine designing 4 sets
Other types measuring equipments many