Mold and Die Engineering Productiono Engineering

In the present time when globalization and IT action are going on, it is more difficult now to manufacture a product. We are always pursuing what speedy correspondence can be performed for the market-needs that changes very often. By obtaining a product image sketch or a sample from a customer it will be also possible to give advice about the product.
The proposal of the image of the product which is capable to be fabricated can be reflected for shortening the customer's product developing time. Based on the know-how accumulated by past results, records and experience, our technology will be propose and offer to the customers.
We are performing mold designing and mold assembly inside the company not to mention the molding production are done inside the company too, that's why cooperation can be taken densely and always feed back actions for speedy ascertaining improvement for corrective action for the mass-production process.
Especially our company is a specialist for insert molding, including the production method for pressed products and metalworking parts that are necessary for insert molding and is striving to extract know-how from all angles, together with the customer, to make a better product.
We have experience for the fine pitch 0.3mm connector in both regular injection molding and insert molding.
We are always aiming for a further higher precision mold and die.

The themes and mottos for mold and die engineering

  1. To produce a mold or die design, that is easy to maintenance
  2. To produce a original mold or die design with no fixed ideas
  3. To research to complete an accurate high precision mold and die
  4. Shift 2D CAD→3D CAD which will reduce mold and die designing time

They are the engineering staffs that are always challenging the special field of molding.