Mold and Die Engineering Productiono Engineering

While the IT actions are going on, the production engineering in MEIOH PLASTICS MOLDING CO., LTD. is constantly researching to develop the original production equipment that are manufactured inside the company.
Aiming to produce a super-high-tech system which has all kinds of know-how put in, the designing / manufacturing / assembly / running are all done in-sided the company, to perform the order to suit the demand 100% from a customer.
In the recent years, we are manufacturing equipments for sale that are manufacture on the basis of the company's production equipment. We will be united with the customer, and offer high-precision production equipment that is more easy to use.
MEIOH PLASTICS MOLDING CO., LTD. a specialist for insert molding and can manufacture all the production equipments related to insert molding. We manufacture the feeding unit for contacts, auxiliary inserting equipment, super high precision transporting devise, after process machine, automatic assembly machine, machine vision inspecting machine, inspecting and packing machine, and can manufacture the automatic machines to the demands from a customer. Moreover, we challenged to develop an original brand molding machine last year, and succeeded to manufacture of an ultra high-speed hoop insert molding system that can run at the level of molding cycle 3 seconds.
Taking advantage of these research and development experience, we will continue to strive to manufacture and market further more automatic equipment and production equipment.

For a further high precision and further high-tech system

  1. To highly-precise automatic equipment and production equipment
  2. Establishment for a super-high cycle system
  3. For further high-precision by original in-house branding

The engineering staff will strives to research and develop further for super-high precision and super-high technology systems, and to concern to continue to challenge super high-tech engineering for the near future every day.